Accountant's office of Tokorozawa-city, Saitama,Japan.
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Main Duties

In addition to basic accounting and taxation services we will work together
to achieve your business goals. We can provide assistance with;

  • Annual business planning and budgeting
  • Preparing documents for loans and fund raising
  • Forms and documentation for creation and registration of a new company
  • Documentation and reports relating to government authorization and permits
  • Opportunities to maximize your company's use of the internet
  • Manthly meeting/Audit to discuss current and future business

Fee Structure

An every month visit (contents of service)

  • Inspection of tax related activities, Discussion of ongoing taxation isuues
  • Audit of financial accounts
  • Business planning and management review and consultation
  • Fund raising and cash flow consultation

Consulting Fees from 32,000 Yen

Annual Corporation Tax Report Preparation and submission ... starting at four times montly consulting fee

Annual Consumption Tax Report Preparation and submission ... starting at two times monthly consuting fee

Actual monthly charge depend on type of industry,size of company and specific services required

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